Solid State Lighting Market Key Driving Factors and Challenges, Opportunities and Forecast Insights

(Delaware U.S) How will developments in mining sector influence solid-state lighting market over 2018-2024?

As demands for decorative lighting fixtures in residential segments and infrastructural developments continue to surge, solid-state lighting market size is expected to witness substantial gains through 2024.

Strict legislations pertaining to general lighting and the subsequent scaling down of inefficient lighting products are paving the way for LED lamps, owing to myriad benefits like easy installation, high energy-efficiency compared to their conventional counterparts, longer life, quick replacement and diminished need to modify fixtures.

With proliferating government support and financial backing, persistent R&D efforts towards solid-state lighting solutions are expected to impel the industry growth. Solid-state lighting or SSL products are highly efficient, cost effective and significantly minimize the dissipation of heat, which may contribute to a significant upsurge in product demand.

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A research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. estimates that the solid-state lighting market size is expected to exceed $85 billion by 2024.

What pivotal application-oriented trends in LED segment will stimulate solid-state lighting market share?

Booming industrial and infrastructural developments across several nations including China, Brazil, India and Indonesia are driving up the demand for LED-based SSL products in the mining sector. The global LED-based solid-state lighting market share from mining applications is expected to record revenue of over $25 billion by 2024, given their high suitability to underground lighting applications.

Better work-safety conditions, resistance to rough environments, reduction of downtime and consistent output coupled with the widening scope of drilling and exploration activities and shift towards automation are the key drivers propelling solid-state lighting market size.

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North America industry size, led by the U.S, Canada and Mexico LED markets from mining applications, was recorded at over $600 billion in 2017. Regional demand for LEDs is further augmented by rising spending power and strict mandates regarding the use of conventional bulbs as well as numerous advantages like safety, durability, explosion-protection and compact structure, which may expedite industry expansion. Products include light carts, floodlights, mountable automotive lights, strong lights, spotlights and towers among others, making them well suited to a plethora of mining applications.

How will the thriving hospitality sector in the US foster industry growth over the forecast period?

The U.S. industrial OLED solid state lighting market size is anticipated to exceed $90 million by 2024. Used in a number of industrial applications including mobile & portable device displays, digital cameras, lighting panels and more, OLEDs are light weight, highly flexible and suitable for large display panels. Burgeoning government investments towards research for OLED are also likely to bolster solid-state lighting industry dynamics.

The U.S. OLED-based solid-state lighting market from hospitality applications recorded a consumption of more than 7.25 million units in 2017 with substantial gains expected by 2024 owing to the flourishing tourism industry in the region and its position as a key business hub. Lower electricity costs, minimal maintenance requirements and long life of OLED products facilitate their installation in remote locations. The emergence of smartphone apps for hotel room reservations, technological evolution and rising consumer incomes across the globe will spur market growth.

How will surging demand from automotive sector augment solid-state lighting market outlook?

Asia Pacific industry size led by Japan, India, New Zealand, and China LED markets from automotive applications is expected to exceed USD 8.5 billion by 2024. In automotive applications, these products yield several benefits such as vibration resistance, lengthy life, moisture-proof encasing, compact size, and multiple color emissions. Rapid financial development, growing infrastructure, favorable government policies, and dropping LED prices will further fuel the region’s solid-state lighting industry expansion.

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