Sales Forecast of Positive Displacement Pumps Market Reveals Positive growth Through 2021-2027

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global positive displacement pumps market in the form of loss in industry revenue. While the market situations are expected to be uncertain in the coming years, the anticipated rise in oil & gas exploration activities in North America and Europe is likely to create a positive impetus on the business space.

This rise in oil & gas exploration activities is attributed to an increase in technological advancements in drilling as well as hydraulic fracturing technologies that are enabling companies to reach unexplored oil & gas reserves. On the other hand, numerous positive displacement pump manufacturers are focusing on the adoption of collaborative strategies such as product developments for enhancing product penetration and consolidating market share.

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Citing an instance, in July 2020, Sulzer specialists in Europe, Asia, and the United States closely collaborated for the success of a complex project. The coordination enabled the manufacturing of 12 sophisticated pumps from three individual designs at Sulzer’s plant in China for the first time.

While similar initiatives are touted to propel the demand for different types of positive displacement pumps, a study by Global Market Insights, Inc., estimates the market size to surpass USD 20.3 billion through 2027.

The market growth is primarily driven by the increasing demand for reciprocating pumps. To suffice the surging requirement, numerous reciprocating pump manufacturers are devising smart pump systems that enhance efficiency. The segment is expected to expand at a substantial CAGR of 3.8% over the projected period.

Waste water management – a prominent driver for positive displacement pumps industry expansion

The increasing demand for PD pumps is ascribed to the surging requirement for waste water management across a range of end-user industries. These pumps help in maintaining the constant flow of liquid regardless of backpressure.

Owing to this, these are used in various positive displacement pump applications across chemicals, refineries, pulp & paper, as well as pharma industries. The rapidly surging population and growing industrialization in developing countries, such as Africa and Asia, have created a proliferating business scenario.

Not to mention, several water-dependent industries are heavily dependent on water treatment facilities.

The water treatment segment is slated to record a revenue of over USD 2.4 billion through 2027. This is on account of water scarcity and increasing strict regulations associated with water recycling and reuse.

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Why will Europe emerge as a promising hub for the expansion of the positive displacement pumps market share?

Europe is characterized by a concentrated presence of numerous end-user industries. The region is witnessing an upsurge in the number of water treatment facilities and a subsequent rise in oil & gas exploration activities.

Owing to these factors, the Europe positive displacement pumps industry recorded nearly 20% of the overall market share in 2020 and is expected to depict substantial growth through 2027.

All in all, escalating product demand owing to the expanding pulp & paper, chemical, and oil & gas industries in developing countries will augment positive displacement pumps market share over the forecasted span.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1   Methodology And Scope

1.1    Methodology

1.2    Market definition

1.3    Market estimation & forecast parameters

1.3.1    Base estimation & working    North America    Europe    APAC    LATAM    MEA

1.4    Data sources

1.4.1    Primary

1.4.2    Secondary    Paid    Unpaid

Chapter 2   Positive Displacement Pumps Market Summary

2.1    Positive Displacement Pumps (PD) industry 360° synopsis, 2017 – 2027

2.1.1    Business trends

2.1.2    Type trends

2.1.3    End-user trends

2.1.4    Regional trends

Chapter 3   Positive Displacement Pumps Market Insights

3.1    Industry segmentation

3.2    Industry size and forecast, 2017 – 2027

3.2.1    Covid-19 impact on Industry size

3.3    Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1    Vendor Matrix

3.3.2    Distribution Channel Analysis    Covid-19 impact on value chain

3.3.3    Profit margin analysis

3.3.4    Value addition analysis

3.3.5    Raw material analysis    Covid-19 impact on raw material supply

3.4    Industry impact forces

3.4.1    Growth drivers    Growing global oil & gas industry    Rising food & beverage industry in Asia Pacific    Increasing demand of water treatment facilities    Rising product application in pharma industry    Strong growth in chemical industry

3.4.2    Industry pitfalls & challenges    High maintenance cost    High Competition from centrifugal pumps

3.5    Regulatory landscape

3.5.1    North America

3.5.2    Europe

3.5.3    APAC

3.6    Growth potential analysis

3.7    Regional price trends

3.7.1    Covid-19 impact on price trends

3.7.2    Cost structure analysis    R&D cost    Manufacturing & equipment cost    Raw material cost    Distribution cost    Operating cost    Miscellaneous cost

3.8    Competitive landscape, 2020

3.8.1    Company market share analysis, 2020

3.8.2    Strategic dashboard

3.9    Porter’s analysis

3.10    PESTEL analysis

3.11    COVID-19 impact on positive displacement pumps (PD) by end-user

3.11.1    Water Treatment

3.11.2    Oil & Gas

3.11.3    Chemicals

3.11.4    Pharma

3.11.5    Food and beverage

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