2021 Edition Paint Rollers Market Report with Impact of COVID-19|Top Leaders

The robust growth of the construction sector is one of the key drivers propelling paint rollers market expansion. Paint rollers, arguably one of the handiest décor components, are used extensively for both indoor and outdoor painting purposes across the residential, commercial and industrial arenas. It comes as no surprise that rapid urbanization of the Asian countries and the stabilization of the American building and construction sector has amplified the demand for paint rollers, thereby impelling paint rollers industry trends.

With the global populace soaring higher by the day, the demand for housing would witness a major hike, on account of which paint rollers market share would increase considerably from the residential housing sector.

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Post the housing market slump in the U.S. after 2009, the region has witnessed a surge in residential investments, as the owner-occupied real estate sector has once again gained prominence. The region has also observed a dramatic rise in the nuclear and single-family trend, substantially increasing the need for housing, which would ultimately impel the regional paint rollers market outlook. The U.S. government, it is observed, has also been offering support to new construction projects in the form of tax deductions and favorable FDI policies. Overall, it would not be incorrect to state that the U.S. housing and construction sector has been traversing along the graph of normalcy. As per estimates, the U.S. construction spending is expected to register a CAGR of 6% over 2016-2020, a fact that will directly influence the growth of the regional paint rollers industry.

In an era dominated by digitization and online product & service promotions, lifestyle websites like Pinterest that provide thousands of DIY ideas have been the driving force for home decor enthusiasts, many of whom prefer paint rollers over paint brushes, given that these products provide a better finish and facilitate easy usage with minimal wastage of paint. Easy applicability is one of key reasons for the development of paint rollers market popularity, since consumers find it much easier to use a paint roller themselves than spending a ton on hiring professionals to do the job.

Countries witnessing exponential growth in the industrial and residential sectors across the Asia Pacific, particularly Australia, India and China, have a major role to play in APAC paint rollers market growth. As per estimates, Asia Pacific accounted for 55% of the overall paint rollers market share in 2017. The robust demand for residential buildings will further drive this regional industry, as per analysts.

Keeping in mind the ease of use and growing popularity of paint rollers, industry competitors are coming up with innovative paint rollers like the Paint Runner Pro, that is advertised to be a non-drip paint roller that holds paint. In essence, there is no need to dip the roller innumerable times into the paint, which would lead to zero paint wastage and would eliminate the requirement of drop sheets during painting. Another noteworthy paint rollers market trend is that of 3D paint rollers. These products are being developed by designers to cater to a segment of the populace that has been calling for creative but easy ways to add a flicker of class to walls, and have been taking paint rollers market by storm.

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The prevalence of research and development activities in paint rollers market, coupled with the ease of application, lack of wastage of product and wide field for usage, have led to these products gaining mainstream approval. With global infrastructure expenditure projected to exceed USD 9 trillion by 2024, the growth rate of the paint rollers market over the forthcoming years is forecast to be rather appreciable, given its projected demand across the construction sector.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 1  Methodology & Scope

1.1     Research methodology

1.1.1  Initial data exploration

1.1.2  Statistical model and forecast

1.1.3  Industry Insights and validation

1.1.4  Definitions

1.1.5  Assumptions, Forecast parameters & considerations

1.2     Data Sources

1.2.1  Paid Sources

1.2.2  Secondary

1.2.3  Primary

Chapter 2  Executive Summary

2.1     Paint rollers industry 3600 synopsis, 2013 – 2025

2.1.1  Business trends

2.1.2  Product trends

2.1.3  Fabric trends

2.1.4  Pile depth trends

2.1.5  Application trends

2.1.6  Regional trends

Chapter 3  Paint Rollers Industry Insights

3.1     Industry segmentation

3.2     Industry landscape, 2013- 2025

3.3     Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1  Raw material suppliers

3.3.2  Manufacturers

3.3.3  Profit margin trends

3.3.4  Distribution channel analysis    B2B    B2C

3.3.5  End users

3.3.6  Vendor matrix

3.4     Raw material analysis

3.5     Industry best practices & key buying criteria

3.6     Global paints & coatings market outlook, 2017-2025

3.6.1  Current market trends and overview, 2017

3.6.2  Customer requirements

3.6.3  Paints & coatings market analysis & forecast 2013 – 2025

3.6.4  SWOT analysis

3.7     Global painting tools market outlook, 2017-2025

3.7.1  Current market overview, by tools    Paint brushes    Paint rollers    Scrappers    Knives    Trays    Spray gun    Masking tapes    Others (Extension poles, sanding tools & trowels)

3.8     Regulatory landscape

3.8.1  U.S.    Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)    Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act Of 1992 (Title X)    Clean Air Act (CAA):    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA):

3.8.2  Canada    Canada National Aim Rule:    VOC Regulations

3.8.3  Europe    The European Parliament and The Council of The European Union,

3.8.4  China    SAC/TC5 (National Technical Committee 5 on Paints & Pigments of Standardization Administration of China)

3.8.5  Japan    Odor emission regulations    Environment protection efforts

3.8.6  India    G.S.R. 409(E)

3.8.7  LATAM

3.8.8  MEA    GCC Framework    Chemicals management    Paints and coatings management

3.9     Pricing analysis, by region

3.9.1  North America

3.9.2  Europe

3.9.3  Asia Pacific

3.9.4  Latin America

3.9.5  MEA

3.9.6  Cost structure analysis,2017

3.10   Industry impact forces

3.10.1    Growth drivers  Increasing spending & favorable government policies in construction sector  North America  Europe  Asia Pacific  Latin America  MEA

3.10.2    Industry pitfalls & challenges  Lack of availability of skilled labour

3.11   Innovation & sustainability

3.12   Growth potential analysis, 2017

3.13   Competitive landscape, 2017

3.13.1    Global company market share analysis, 2017  Company performance analysis, 2017

3.13.2    Key stakeholders

3.13.3    Strategy dashboard

3.14   Potential customers

3.14.1    Construction industry

3.14.2    Appliances industry

3.14.3    Furniture industry

3.14.4    Other applications

3.15   Porter’s analysis

3.16   PESTEL analysis

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