Stand-Up Pouches Market Projected to Reach US$ 17.42 Billion By 2027

According to Research Report, the global stand-up pouches market size is expected to reach US$ 17.42 Billion By 2027 and growing at a CAGR of 7.8% over the forecast period 2020 to 2027.

The demand for attractive packaging to attract customers from various end users industries is anticipated to drive the growth in the global stand up pouch market.

Further, the report also shares some insights about the major players operating in the global stand- up pouch market. Some of them include Mondi Group, Glenroy, Inc., Sonoco Products Company, Amcor Ltd., and Coveris Holdings S.A.

Among the product type, the global stand- up pouch market aseptic stand up pouches is likely to register a higher growth over the forecast period. The growth in this segment is due to rising demand for hygienic packaging.

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Rising Demand for Packaged Food to Promote Global Stand- Up Pouch Market

Due to fast paced life in urban areas, the demand for convenience and packaged food are increasing. This is one of the many factors that expand the global stand up pouch market in the succeeding years.

The companies opt for marketing strategies to attract the consumers and packaging tops the list in such practices. They look for attractive, hygienic, and durable pouches, pushing the expansion of the global stand up pouches.

Additionally, the rising demand for sustainable and environmental friendly solutions for packaging are expected to boost the global stand up pouch market in the upcoming years.

Further, these pouches are easy to handle, mess free, and easy to carry during the transit, thus, making them a desirable product for packaging. Lately, beverages such as juices, buttermilk, etc. also have started using stand up pouches due to the convenience that it offers.

The accessibility to alternative packaging such as metals, tins, and corrugated boxes are projected to dampen the global stand up pouches market during the forecast period. However, the rising demand for various consumer goods industries are projected to provide the growth opportunities to the global stand up pouches in the upcoming years.

Round Bottom Segment to Strengthen Global Stand- Up Pouch Market

The large amount of demand for stand up pouches comes from food and beverages industry. Round bottom segment from a design perspective is likely to dominate the global stand up pouch market. The reason for increased demand for this kind of design is due to its features such as light weight, durability, and free from chances of contamination are projected to lead the market towards expansion in the next few years. It is also known as doyen stand up pouch, largely used in packing sauces, tea leaves, coffees, and chocolates.

On the basis of geography, the Asia Pacific is foreseen to hold the larger share in the global stand –up pouch market. The growth here can be attributed to increasing population and rising demand for consumer goods and food and beverages. Rising disposable income, changing lifestyle, rapid industrialization, and swift urbanization are some of the factors that are expected to push this region towards a healthy growth in the global stand up pouch market. Developing economies such as India and China are projected to be the major contributor in the expansion of the stand-up pouch market in the next few years.

Cost advantages of stand-up pouches over metal cans fuel the growth of the flexible packaging market

Major manufacturers of stand-up pouches are present in North American and European regions. Companies are focusing on introducing innovative stand-up pouches to gain consumer attention and increase the shelf life of the products. Stand-up pouches offer a larger surface area to be printed and enhance the visibility of the product at the point of purchase. The growing inclination of brand owners and consumers towards stand-up pouch packaging will create immense growth opportunities for existing manufacturers as well as new entrants in the global stand-up pouches market. Considering high growth prospects in the stand-up pouches market, leading manufacturers are focusing on expanding their market presence by establishing new manufacturing facilities or exporting their products to almost each and every country located across the globe.

Emerging economies to create substantial growth opportunities in the global stand-up pouches market

It has been noticed that stand-up pouches are widely used in the food & beverages industry due to high suitability and better presentation of food & beverages at purchase point. The demand is growing at a much faster pace in the emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. China accounts for almost fifty percent of the demand in the Asia-Pacific region. Stand-up pouch manufacturers in China are formulating long-term growth strategies to expand the reach of their products in neighboring countries by offering low cost and average quality products. Stand-up pouches are primarily responsible for high growth in the flexible packaging industry.

Among the different material types, LDPE material dominates the global stand-up pouches market

On the basis of material type, plastic accounts for the highest market share in the global stand-up pouches market due to its high-barrier properties and high suitability for printing applications. However, paper-based stand-up pouches are also gaining popularity in developed countries such as the U.S. and Germany, due to increasing restrictions on the use of plastic packaging products in these countries. Multilayer packaging films are generally used to manufacture stand-up pouches for high-barrier properties and longer shelf lives. Stand-up pouches are also gaining significant traction in the homecare end-use industry for the packaging of liquid soaps and detergents.

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Round bottom or Doyen stand-up pouch most preferred for packaging of food & beverages products globally

On the basis of product type, aseptic stand-up pouches is the fastest growing category in the global stand-up pouches market due to the growing consumer demand for hygienic products. Other types of stand-up pouches such as retort and hot-fill pouches are also expected to grow at a high CAGR value in the developed countries such as the U.S., Germany, Italy, and France. On the basis of design type, round-bottom stand-up pouches are extensively used for the packaging of different products in the food & beverages and homecare industries. Doyen pouches dominate the market with a market share of almost a third of the global stand-up pouches market. On the basis of closure type, the demand for slider and zipper stand-up pouches will grow significantly due to consumer attraction towards products with easy-to-close or easy-to-open characteristics.

Growing Popularity of On-the-Go Food Items to Boost Stand-Up Pouches Market

Burgeoning demand for packaged items along with consumers’ augmented preference toward stand-up pouches is likely to play an important role in the expansion of the global stand-up pouches market in the forthcoming years. These pouches come with aesthetic appeal, convenience, and many value-added features, which is likely to drive the demand for stand-up pouches in the forthcoming years.

Stand-up pouches make an offering of several benefits, such as tear notches, spouts, sliders or zippers. These benefits make these pouches greater functionality and convenience. In addition to that, stand-up pouches make use of lesser materials and involve lower cost of transportation and shipping. They are light in weight in comparison with several other packaging formats, such as glass bottles and metal cans. Riding on the back of these benefits, the global stand-up pouches market is anticipated to observe considerable growth in the years to come.

Several Benefits Offered by these Pouches to Accelerate Growth of the Market

Stand-up pouch refers to a format of flexible packaging capable of standing straight on its bottom for use, display, and storage. These pouches provide greater convenience in shipping in comparison to other formats, which is why they are preferred by several CPG (consumer packaged goods) manufacturers. A surge in the demand for single-serve meals and on-the-go snacks is further foreseen to bolster the demand for stand-up pouches in the years to come.

Stand-up pouches are an outstanding marketing tool for packaged goods’ producers as they render the capacity to differentiate products on the shelves of retail stores. In addition to that, these pouches come with a larger surface on which high quality printing can be done so as to draw attention of customers, particularly in supermarkets and convenience stores. This assists people in making rapid decisions about buying products. These factors are anticipated to foster expansion of the global stand-up pouches market in the years to come.


  • Material Outlook
    • Plastic
    • Paper
    • Metal
    • Bioplastic
  • Type Outlook
    • Standard
    • Aseptic
    • Retort
    • Hot-filled
  • Closure Outlook
    • Tear Notch
    • Zipper
    • Spout
  • Application Outlook
    • Food & Beverages
    • Pet Food
    • Healthcare
    • Personal Care & Cosmetics
    • Homecare
    • Others
  • Regional Outlook 

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