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Metal bonding adhesives market to witness robust growth from electronics end-user segment

Metal bonding adhesives market to trace exponential gain till 2025. Metal bonding adhesives are used for substituting the employment of bolts, welding, screws and spot welding. The important reason behind reducing vehicle weight is to achieve optimal fuel efficiency and performance – more the body weight, more fuel the engine will burn in excess. Thereby, incorporation of product helps in not only achieving the bond strength but also lowers the overall vehicle weight making it fuel efficient.

Metal bonding adhesives market from electronics end-user segment is projected to observe substantial gains leveraging the superior insulation, thermal conductivity and moisture resistant properties of the product. Metal bonding adhesives find wide range of applications in electronics sector for assembling robotics instruments, heat sink attachments, electronic control systems etc.

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The electronics and electrical market is anticipated to reach USD 40 Billion by 2024. Thereby, growing applications in the field of electronics is likely to stimulate metal bonding adhesives market trends through 2025.

The epoxy based segment is estimated to hold over 40% of the industry share in 2017, pertaining to extensive product usage in electronics and industrial solutions for fabricating crucial equipment and parts. It is predominantly utilized across numerous industries such as automotive, aerospace, optical, medical, chemical/oil processing, electronics, etc. Owing to this, metal bonding adhesives market from the epoxy-based segment likely to account for about USD 2.5 billion by the end of 2025.

As leading companies look to streamline manufacturing operations and reduce assembly costs, metal bonding adhesives have come up as a lucrative revenue generating opportunity market.

Applications of adhesives in automotive sector have expanded beyond the realm of brake shoes, windshields and heavy trucks, and are subsequently being used in areas that were once reigned by mechanical and thermal joining methods, such as weather stripping, dashboard, body and the frame.

Palpable trend towards the use composite parts in auto sector has furthered the application of metal bonding adhesives. Given that auto makers are grappling to boost fuel efficiency, eliminating fasteners and reducing vehicle weight using adhesives bonding are likely to gain momentum in the metal bonding adhesives market.

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