Fluoropolymer Additives Market to witness increased traction from automotive sector

Fluoropolymer additives have become a lucrative business portfolio as traction from inks and coatings, automotive and printing inks applications soars unprecedentedly. Fluoropolymer additives market will provide revenue opportunity in plastics with surge in process speed and reduction of die build up.

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Fluoropolymer additives’ use is largely driven by the high temperature stability, enhanced chemical resistance, and improved durability. Growth in fluoropolymer additives market will be spurred by soaring inclination for UV protection, foam reduction, dispersion and anti-chipping.

In the recently compiled research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., fluoropolymer additives market size is poised to grow substantially by 2025.

Growth driver: Thermoplastic

Prevalent use of fluoropolymers in automotive, semiconductors, aerospace, and electronics in the wake of its weather resistance, superior heat, low friction, and non-adhesive properties will help industry players gain impetus.

Use of thermoplastic component in automotive sector will be more noticeable as it provides temperature capabilities, enhanced strength and stiffness. Given that the material is chemically resistant, its use in chemical tanks has instilled confidence among stakeholders.

Compelling use of thermoplastic in car bodies and electrical insulation application has attracted revenue sources in fluoropolymer additives market. Thermoplastics are likely to play an invaluable role in the material selection process and development of automotive components and parts.

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Opportunities: North America and APAC

Industry players and other stakeholders are vying to cash in on the prevailing opportunities in fluoropolymer additives market as demand for additives to be used in oil and grease is anticipated to witness an upward trend in the U.S. through 2025. Demand for fluoropolymer additives will be triggered by increased use automotive, prinks inks and coatings.

APAC will also hold a substantial share in the industry as the region continues to gain prominence in automotive sector. Demand growth for fluoropolymers additives in India and China comes in the wake of soaring trend for PTFE micropoweders and FEP micropoweders. In what has come as a huge booster for stakeholders, paints and coating industry is thriving, thereby helping fluoropolymer additives go mainstream.

Potential restraints

Tightening environmental regulations and on-going trade-war between the U.S. and China may pose some restraints in the industry. Industry experts believe high cost may also impede the industry growth.

There are bullish sentiments among stakeholders with PTFE micropowders gaining traction across the globe. Application of fluoropolymer additives will be more notable in thermoplastics, printing inks, coating, grease and lubricants in the next five years.

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