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Concrete surface treatment chemicals market to witness traction from sealants

In the latest research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., concrete surface treatment chemicals market size is poised to surpass US$15 bn by 2025. Of late, construction structures have been witnessing various forms of deterioration, including spalling, surface scaling and internal frost damage.

Leading companies are using treatment chemicals for sealing of concrete surface, conversion coating and cleaning. Treatment chemicals have become instrumental in boosting corrosion protection and enhancing paint adhesion.

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When it comes to flooring installation, be it industrial, commercial or residential, preparing the right surface with an ideal profile may help to boost effective bond of the coatings and will subsequently bolster durability, floor’s strength and appearance.

Construction chemical manufacturers have been vouching for the significance of surface treatment chemicals given that dirt, debris and grease may well make the bond fragile. Leading manufacturers believe surface treatment chemicals can reduce exorbitant repairs and save time.

Trends toward the use of sealants and water-based releasing agent

With surface treatment for the concrete gaining prominence, use of sealants has become highly sought-after among stakeholders. Demand for sealants to close small openings which are not easy to seal with other material such as drywall has become trendy in the recent past.

Given the chances of contraction, joints and expansion in the concrete structure, traction for sealants to prevent liquids, gases and solids into the gap is likely to be witnessed in the next five years.

Even though water-based mold releasing agent has become popular, dearth of water has led several concrete surface treatment chemicals market to shift towards the use of sealants. It is worth noting that construction chemical companies are exhibiting increased inclination towards sealants to avert the entry of rainwater and wind.

Water-based mold releasing agent is also likely to experience growth in the concrete surface treatment chemicals market as environmentally friendly attributes continue to garner attraction among stakeholders. Besides, rigorous government regulations have made water-based releasing agent a desirable product in construction sector.

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Concrete Surface Treatment Chemicals Market Drivers: Rise in construction activities.

A notable uptick in construction activities has instilled confidence among stakeholders. While there is no denying that Coronavirus is causing major economic disruption, a steady rise beholds for the construction sector. Contractors who are at the forefront as both product and service providers are optimistic of the soaring demand for concrete surface treatment chemicals. Moreover, upsurge in smart city projects has augured well for stakeholders vying to boost their concrete surface treatment chemicals market revenue shares.

Challenges: COVID-19 outbreak

At the time when almost every commercial activity is facing the brunt of COVID-19, stakeholders are worried that concrete surface treatment chemicals market may also be marred by the pandemic. That said, the industry is expected to weather the storm in the future course of time.

Industry players will look to reduce chemical waste and invest in sealants and water-based mold releasing agents. Focus will be more on cleanliness of concrete surface to bolster adhesion and durability.

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